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Marketing solutions

1.Marketing Solutions

The Products industry is a marketing landscape unto itself. Even if you have effectively marketed your lines and products for years, there are certain nuances in the retail and wholesale channels that can derail the best of plans. We can help.

GLT can help you develop marketing solutions that complement your core benefits with messages, prices, packaging and/or sales collateral targeted to work specifically in domestic and foreign marketplaces.

Target your product or line specifically with custom marketing solutions from GLT . We can develop plans and material to help with any or all of the following areas of expertise.

Consumer Behavior: By researching qualified consumers to the category, we can give you insight into how people interact with the products in their working environment. We can also test your product with this group. This may highlight opportunities as well as weaknesses for you so that you can make more informed decisions

Positioning: A product that does well in the mass market with one position may need to be redefined for the foreign marketplaces in order to make the most of the opportunity. We are able to help you identify the right positioning.

Pricing: A great product at the wrong price usually makes it the wrong product. Let us help you determine which price foreign markets will bear and what kind of demand you can expect at different price points.

Packaging: Make sure your packaging is taking the most advantage of the market dynamics. What may sell ten to a pack at mass market may do better one to a pack abroad. If you have different positioning in this market, will your packaging reflect that position?

Sales collateral design and development: It always helps to surround your product with messaging and design that gives your brand a consistent look. It’s the handshake your company makes every time it interacts with a customer.

Pack and Product Photography: We produce quality creative pack and product images for advertising, marketing, brochures and websites. We have great prices on standard pack shots and a competitive day rate on more complicated product and lifestyle images. All prices include full image release rights.

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